Bespoke Eyewear

If eyewear was a journey, then you have truly arrived. You can now create your own frame, choose the colour, style, material, and we will measure your face to ensure its going to be a perfect fit.

There are hundreds if not thousands of combination options, and our frame stylists are here to guide you through it.

Is it for you? Everyone can benefit from our bespoke service. So, it is not just about people with high prescriptions, unusual sizing, facial asymmetry, small or large nose bridges, wide temple width or slim faces. Our style and colour consultation will help determine which colours complement your complexion and what styles suit your personality.

Warning. Once you go to bespoke, you will never want to go back.

What will it cost? Our bespoke range starts at around £450 for handmade (in London) acetate frames. This includes our complimentary style and colour consultation.

How long will it take? Currently bespoke orders are taking 12 weeks, from date of initial order, due to the pandemic. Pre-Covid, this was around 8 weeks.

What next? If you are interested in our bespoke service, please speak to our bespoke consultants. You should ring our Otley practice. We will usually advise an advanced eye examination which will take around an hour. This will be followed by two hours dispensing consultation. If you have an idea of what you want, then we may not need the full two hours. Essentially, you will need to dedicate a morning of an afternoon.  

All our bespoke eyewear is glazed using our premium spectacle lens offering, namely Essilor and Carl Zeiss lenses.

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